Smiles For Miles

Smiles for Miles Base Project

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“The sky’s the limit for young people with the right basket of support and provision”

The Smiles for Miles Base Project is a new project offering increased youth provision and support for Children and Young People in Rotherham over a two-year period between 1st October 2021 and 30th September 2023.

Delivered in partnership with children and young people, the project is all about co-production, supporting young people to reach their goals as defined by them and lead the direction of the project based on their articulation of what they need or would like to “have a go at”.

Our priorities for the project are around early intervention, improving spaces and places that matter to communities, bringing people together and building strong relationships in and across communities. We want to provide young people with the right activities and support, in the right place, at the right time.

The project is funded by the National Lottery (Partnerships Yorkshire and Humber).

Our thanks go to National Lottery players who raise £30million each week for good causes like ours.


Voluntary Action Rotherham (VAR) is the lead organisation on behalf of the Children, Young People and Families Consortium.

VAR will oversee and coordinate the project working directly with the funder and all Service Providers.

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12 members of the Children, Young People and Families Consortium will deliver a range of services in the project and will work together in pooling information skills and knowledge to support young people to reach their goals.

Who is the project for?

Smiles for Miles is aimed at children and young people in Rotherham aged 9 to 19, or upto 25 for young people with special education needs or disabilities.

How did the project come about?

The Different but Equal Board worked with young people attending organisations involved in the project to come up with the name “Smiles for Miles”  and together, they identified which kinds of support and activities should be on offer. Ongoing discussions with partners and the voice of children and young people then shaped that offer and will continue to do so over the next 2 years.

The following film was produced as a result and in support of our bid to the National Lottery, which will give you a good flavour of what to expect:

What is on offer?

Two main bases (JADE Youth and Community / YMCA Rotherham) and a satellite base (Clifton Learning Partnership) will increase youth work provision and provide young people accessing the bases with a trusted adult for 1 to 1 support. The trusted adult will help young people access other opportunities in the project through our ‘basket of support and provision’.

The basket of support and provision is delivered in partnership with the bases and will also be available to all young people. Throughout the project, young people can get involved in a range of opportunities, such as:

Download our timetable to see what’s happening between January – March 2022

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JADE Youth and Community

01909 565639

JADE Youth and Community will provide open access youth club sessions for Juniors (7-11 year olds), Seniors (12-19 year olds) and young people with SEND. Through these sessions, young people will have access to a trusted adult and a wide range of positive activities, such as; music production, games consoles, community garden, sports, food and drink, arts and crafts, community gym, themed project work, trips, holiday lunch clubs, residential and outdoor activities. They will also be offering advice drop ins for young people and outreach and detached youth work.

YMCA Rotherham

01709 837428

YMCA Rotherham will offer weekly youth clubs for LGBT+ young people and access to a trusted adult who will provide 1 to 1 support and help young people access other opportunities. They will also be offering advice drop ins for young people, outreach and detached youth work and will work closely with Clifton Learning Partnership as their satellite base in delivering additional youth clubs and positive activities.

Clifton Learning Partnership

01709 728069

Clifton Learning Partnership (CLP) will offer open access youth club sessions for young people in conjunction with YMCA Rotherham, using themed, environmental and outdoor activities. They will also provide holiday lunch clubs and activities, as well as, access to a trusted adult who will offer 1 to 1 support and help young people access other opportunities.

YWCA Yorkshire

Self-Help / Wellness Programmes

01709 703471

YWCA Yorkshire will offer a range of small group programmes, delivered as two-day workshops. The programmes are designed to help participants with a range of self-help and wellness techniques such as; how to to cope with difficulties and strengthen personal resilience, tools to help make informed decisions about a future free from abuse, the dynamics of power and control in relationships and gender inequalities, including how those inequalities impact and shape beliefs and behaviours.

Rotherham and Barnsley Mind

Mental Health Support

01709 919929

Rotherham & Barnsley Mind will provide mental health and wellbeing support to young people who have been identified as needing additional support through 1:1 counselling using person centred therapy / support. They will also be offering group sessions covering topics such as; life skills, developing coping strategies, improving awareness and understanding of mental health and providing therapeutic type activities such as creative writing, arts, crafts and photography.

Rotherham Parent Carer Forum

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Support

01709 296262

Rotherham Parent Carers Forum (RPCF) will deliver counselling sessions for young people who have special educational needs. They will also be offering fun weekly sibling support group sessions to support siblings who have a brother or sister with SEND and allow space and time for children to share their worries and feelings about their brother’s or sister’s health, ask questions about the disability or condition, learn coping strategies to deal with difficult or challenging behaviour from their brother or sister but more importantly meet other young people who face similar issues.

Rotherham United Community Sports Trust


01709 827767

Rotherham United Community Sports Trust (RUCST) will offer children and young people six-week courses of sports sessions and tournaments across various locations with tournaments bringing everyone together from all the sessions. The sessions will support young people become active and physically fitter and promote community cohesion.

RUSH House

Education, Employment and Training Support

01709 369295

Rush House will support young people not in education, training or employment with their job search including writing CVs, completing application forms, interview skills and accessing relevant training and education opportunities.


Trauma informed support

01709 511171

GROW will work with individual young women establishing their individual needs and building a support plan to enable them to set achievable personal goals. Delivery will be a trauma informed approach and stabilisation techniques, to enable the individual to begin to understand why they are feeling how they do, learn ways of how to manage emotions and reactions to trauma triggers, and how they can express their needs within their family unit, school, and wider services.

Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance

Arts-based Activities and Creative Projects

01709 835747

ROAR will provide a range of creative activities from ceramics, drawing, laser cutting and print making, supporting a group develop and design a project, for example transforming a public space, writing a play or producing a film.


Outdoor Activities

0114 2438219

Endeavour will introduce young people to outdoor activities such as canoeing, climbing, caving and hill-walking. The activities offered are designed to help young people to develop the skills they need to face their problems, tackle issues head on and succeed where they may have previously failed including empowering young people to conquer their fears, to express themselves, and to trust and respect others

How to get involved

If you know which activities you would like to get involved in, please feel free to contact our service providers directly for support with registration.

If you are unsure, or you want to find out more about the project, please contact our Project Coordinator

Smiles for Miles Project Coordinator

Smiles for Miles is available to all children and young people in Rotherham aged 9-19 (Upto 25 with SEND).

If you are supporting or know of a young person who would like to get involved in the project, please download our referral form for external partners.

Once complete, please this return via email to our Project Coordinator who will support you to connect your young person with the relevant service provider.

Alternatively, please feel free to use our contact form to make inquiries about the project.