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Case Studies

CSE & Safeguarding Conference 2014

The Children Young People and Families Consortium works to raise safeguarding standards amongst its members and has been at the forefront of raising awareness about CSE and CSE issues. In November 2014 the Consortium hosted a Safeguarding and CSE Conference. The Conference was funded by Commissioner Community Safety Fund/Safer Rotherham Partnership.

The Conference was attended by 113 delegates from mainly VCS organisations. The organisations varied in size from nationals working in Rotherham to small community groups working in specific localities and included community, faith and BME organisations.

 During the day delegates heard from young people who have experienced CSE as well as professionals from RMBC and VCS. The delegates heard one young woman’s story first hand and were offered the opportunity to ask questions about her experiences and what she wanted to happen in Rotherham in the future.

 Delegates were also given an opportunity for a round table discussion about where they would like Rotherham to be in two years’ time, what sort of services would be on offer and how we get to that point.

 An evaluation of the Conference evidenced that


·         92% recorded an increase in awareness and understanding of risk factors associated with child sexual exploitation


·         92% recorded an increase in awareness of how to refer appropriately if a safeguarding concern is identified


·         98% reported an increased awareness and understanding of how the community can work together to prevent child sexual exploitation


·         98% reported that they will cascade their learning amongst the parents and carers in the communities they work with to empower them to contribute to the CSE prevention agenda and suggested ways in which they might do this.

The conference provided the platform for the launch of the Community Awareness Training which was funded through the Commissioner Community Safety Fund/Safer Rotherham Partnership. Swinton Lock Activity Centre designed the programme and trained staff from YWCA Fleming Gardens who have delivered the training across the 7 Area Assemblies.

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